Case Study - KVInc

Status & Solutions
KVInc. is a designer and builder of high precision tooling and also produces ultra precision components for the medical and aerospace industries. They are a shop that prides itself on delivering “Integrity Through Quality” backed by 30 years experience to support that claim. KVI uses an assortment of materials to manufacture tooling, prototypes, and precision parts.

KVI offers its customers state of the art equipment and versatility. A certified TeleQ Network Solutions technician configured the servers and applications for KVI’s entire operation, and integrated new machines directly to the server.

TNS-installed remote access that provides KVI the advantages of working outside the office. Accessing any workstation directly or indirectly at KVI is safe because TNS installed and continuously updates the latest Internet security programs.

TNS Innovation at Work For KVI
Receptionists were once regarded as the gateway to any business. However, in this age of global technology websites are at the helm, marketing to clients worldwide. KVI’s web design is a product of TNS ingenuity, but the process didn’t end with the posting of the site. KVI relies on TNS to maintain their website by continually providing updates.

KVI depends upon complete accuracy and TNS is proud to be associated with a company that raises the bar on standards of excellence. “Our TeleQ Network Solutions technician is extremely responsive. With TNS we have 100% reliability, even during off hours.” – Eric Wilhelm, President.

Improvement Summary

Set DNC computer for CNC communications

Configured DNC to upload and download NC programs onto machine tools

Integration of new network ready machines with server

Secure Remote Access capabilities

Installed and maintains internet security software

Web design, support, and upgrades

Network Support, 24/7

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